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Homeowners' Property Damage 
Homeowners' Claims

Whether you are struggling with an insurance company that is simply ignoring your claim, delaying your claim, or refusing to pay what is right, we can help. Our firm can represent homeowners that sustained damages as a result of hurricanes and Superstorm Sandy.  

Many homeowners' weather related claims involve a lot more than just wind damage. Weather causes not only structural damage to the roof and home, but cause water damage to the interior and contents of a home as well. Water damage often then leads to mold damage.

The typical homeowner’s insurance policy covers damage to the home and damage to the contents in the home. Most policies also provide coverage for “additional living expenses” while the homeowner is out of the house. These additional living expenses pay for a hotel or a rental home while the damaged property is being repaired. Additionally, most policies provide coverage for debris removal and increased costs associated with bringing the home up to code.

If you are a home owner and have questions about whether your hurricane homeowners’ insurance company is treating you fairly regarding your insurance claim you should feel free to contact our law firm by completing the contact form on this page or calling 212-736-0007.  Our initial consultations are always free of charge and in most cases we do not charge a legal fee unless we recover money on your behalf. 

Disaster has struck, now what?

Notify your insurance carrier immediately
Request a copy of your insurance policy if it was lost in the flood
Take photographs of your damaged personal property 
Create an itemized list of personal property including the age, condition and valuation 
File a sworn statement and proof of loss with your insurance carrier. This must be done within 60 days of receipt of the demand for proof of loss.
Demand an appraisal if you are dissatisfied with your insurance carrier’s offer

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was created by Congress to enable property owners in high-risk flood zone areas to purchase flood insurance from the federal government. Coverage only extends to direct physical loss by or from the flood. Additionally, there are payment limits that on any claim - $250,000 for structure and $100,000 for contents (personal property). 

NFIP only provides coverage for property and does not provide coverage for loss of access, loss of use, alternative accommodations, business interruption and other economic damages. Contents coverage must be purchased separately so many property owners may only be insured for structural damage. If you purchased personal property coverage, the following items are generally insured: clothing, furniture, electronic equipment, curtains, washers and dryers, freezers and the food contained inside and certain valuable items such as artwork (up to $2500). 

What doesn’t my NFIP policy cover? 
Damage caused by moisture, mildew or mold that could have been avoided by the property owner
Currency and valuable papers
Property located outside such as trees, wells, decks and swimming pools
Living expenses
Financial losses caused by business interruption